The Druid's Garden

We bring you ‘affordable luxury’ using reclaimed wood, driftwood & broken ceramic tiles to make ‘ handcrafted customised mosaic & bespoke woodart.


The Druids Garden is the coming together of two self-taught artists who share a deep passion for creating unique, functional yet affordable art from all things natural and upcycled. We build and design handcrafted décor and Art furniture in Mosaic and upcycled Driftwood and Wood art. While all Mosaic art is custom made, the Driftwood / Wood art is exclusive.

By bringing the collective experience and diverse points of view in our work, we challenge ourselves to design and expand our creativity from basic décor staples to artistic, intricate, vibrant, earthy and rustic art pieces. Our collection includes Tables, Lamps, Mirrors, Wall Art and Home and Garden Decor.

The Artists

Naomi Almeida

Creative Founder, Owner & Artist

Naomi is a self-taught artist, whose keen interest in nature, gardening, decor and the DIY art came together to conceive ‘The Druid’s Garden’. What began as innocuous home improvement and gardening projects led her to discover and develop her interest in scrap and natural materials, harnessed to create sustainable, up cycled art. From mosaic made of old, broken tiles to driftwood, plastic bottles or cracked vases, she leaves no stone (not even actual ones) unturned.

Yohann Pereira


Having spent 10 years in the hospitality, marketing and sales world, Yohann embraced his creative side with an art start up. His vision to promote art as décor that is unique, affordable and functional, teamed with an affable personality, sets this brand apart from others.
Yohann focuses his creative instincts on Wood Conceptualizing, strategy and the complete functioning of the brand.
A state level football player, an animal lover indeed a mixed bag of skills.

Why you will love us?


We love to work with up cycled, reclaimed resources.


Unique, Handcrafted and Functional art is in trend;
and we find joy in being the makers of such products.


We love to translate your vision through custom
made Mosaic art.


Affordable Luxury is our brand motto.


It’s not just the quality of our work that defines success; it’s also about our attitude, approach and the way we engage with our clients, that’s the icing on the cake!


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